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In a day, Thunder was playing ball near the house when suddenly a loud explosion was heard, so powerful that it destroyed the windows of the family home and dropped the trees nearby. «Mom! Dad!» Thunder screamed alarmed. He ran home, but found nobody there. He found only a letter lying on the ground, in which it was written that his parents had been kidnapped. The brave Thunder decided to save his parents and find the culprit.

Discover a pixel-art platformer with five different levels and different scenarios, as well as a ton of weapons to be used to annihilate each level boss.

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StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags2D, dog, genesis, megadrive, Pixel Art, sega, Sega Genesis, segamegadrive, thunder-paw


Thunder Paw Demo.7z 294 kB
Thunder Paw Demo 2.7z 513 kB


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I enjoyed the game, except the windy area. It turned me very mad jumping from those tiny platforms while beeing pushed by the wind

Video review in Spanish


Great platformer game ! Also is very entertainment with great concept. Congrats !

This is awesome... I see on the website it is available to pre-order.  Is there an approx. timeline for the full release?

We plan to release it in September, it is even written about it in the demo)).

are any of your games going to have the full rom for sale.

this  month?

A year ago


So bad to not sold the full rom for emulators gamers ...