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Hunter Girls is a runner game in which you will control three heroines: the warrior Agnes, the sorceress Flora, and the archer Kim. Each has its own abilities, and to defeat all enemies, you need to combine them, so the gameplay won't consist only of running and overcoming obstacles. There will be different enemies in the game: skeletons, orcs, elves, gargoyles, and other evil creatures! Each of them requires a unique approach to defeating them. All the battles in the game will be on the move, but you are limited by time, so to think of the strategy, you will have to make decisions instantly.


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StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags16-bits, hunter-girls, Runner, sega, Sega Genesis, smd


HG_demo8.bin 1 MB


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The game suddenly goes silent the moment you come in contact with an enemy, and when you clear a route and the banner is hanging, it is silent, which makes the game feel slow-paced.

I would like to hear everyone's opinions and hope that you will fix this problem.

Hi. I replied to you on kickstarter. Reply to me there please.

Awesome preview !

Thanks for the video)))))