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Hello. Our game Foxyland for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis is ready for pre-order right now. The full game will be available in June-July 2020. https://pscdgames.com/

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This is the official port of FoxyLand for a 16-bit console - SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis.
Demo has already implemented 8 full levels with the Boss at the end.

It is planned:

  • 40 levels - 30 basic and 10 additional
  • 2 endings
  • and a lot of interesting things.

Other project - Bio Evil ® (SEGA Mega Drive Tech Demo)

Donations will help develop the project.

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Site development: http://pscd.ru/

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Tags16-bit, 2D, foxy-land, foxyland, game, Mega Drive, Pixel Art, Retro, sega


FoxLand_Demo.7z 187 kB

Install instructions

SEGA Mega Drive console

The best way to play is on your real SEGA console!

Foxy Land is compatible with all genuine SMD and Genesis consoles, and most major clones. 

Most major flash carts such as Mega Everdrive are supported.


FoxyLand is compatible with most major SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis emulators - we recommend Regen / Gens.


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Lovely Foxy character ! Congrats again !

I'm sorry but am I listening to retro 12-bar blues video game music?!?

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very nice game! The assets are cool, I know them, they are by ansimuz. I have made with them a game before two years, too --> Frantic Fox by Bardon (itch.io)

Does the physical play at 60HZ on Sega Genesis? Will it also work on Analogue Mega Sg?

Most likely it will work.

Hi, I really like this game. Is there a digital download planned for the full version?

Not yet, but perhaps sometime in the future.

Good to hear, I'll stay tuned.

I'll look forward to a Steam or GOG release.

Looks good and I would definitely buy it for my Sega mega drive console.



Why is it impossible to buy the game rom to play on emulator if we dont have a Megadrive. Thanks

Hi.I tried to contact Денис Савин of Foxyland on Facebook if he's interested having his game being displayed at next weeks Gamescom 2019 event in Cologne/Germany.Please tell him to check his messages.Thanks.

Hi. I gave him your message, wait for an answer.

Missed your IndieGoGo campaign but wanted to support. Looking forward to seeing you final game!

I know this fox asset )). Very impressive to put this on the mega drive. Good luck.