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Darkor stole the Black Jewel from the ancient Temple of Power. He's going to use it to overwhelm all the people of the kingdom and become its sole ruler. Ryan and Julia are the strongest warriors, the only ones that courageously decided to oppose the dark plans of the enemy. The mighty swordsman warrior and the invincible Amazon with the whip are already on the trail of Darkor, ready to eradicate his army of monstrous creatures and bring the Black Jewel back to the temple.

The game is a classic side-scrolling hack and slash. You can play both alone and together with your friend, with each of you controlling the barbarian Ryan or the Amazon Julia. The gameplay is about fighting your way through intense battles with many enemies. If you find yourself in a desperate situation, you can call upon your god to help you, who will destroy everything on the screen.


A - Jump

B - Attack

Select - Magic


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Game page Black Jewel Reborn

SEGA Mega Drive / Genisis Demo


Black_Jewel_Reborn_Demo_v0165.7z 37 kB


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cool graphics! The clouds and mountains at the top of the screen could be an opportunity for parallax


Gameplay on NES Classic Edition: 

I requested the Game on Speedrun.com and now it's online.


Join and have Fun to run.

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Testing the new mechanics ;)

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Demo is too easy as you can just hold right and take all the hits. The level is too flat, not much verticality for platforming. How about some moving platforms. Hope the rest of the game isn't like this, or I'll probably pass.

normally the first phase has to be a reasonable level for new players and veterans, mobile platform in coop games is pretty bad

Hi, is there any plans to do a Commodore 64 version ? I think this game would sell good.

So far there are no such plans.

I noticed that in 2 player mode Julia has a problem with the control, after defeating the tree head the game crashes, the other combo attack will also be missing

so a great game, do you have a snes-demo ready?

Great job on the NES port so far! I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together.

that is exactly my opinion, so nice artwork, also the genesis and snes ports

Nice preview !

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an amazing game for Nes

um incrível jogo para o Nes