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Bio Evil is a brand new and original game for the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis. A true 16-bit, nostalgic platforming experience running on genuine SEGA hardware, that will make fans of SEGA's golden era feel warm and fuzzy.

Similar games simply do not exist on the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. And, there aren't that many isometric games for the console, either.
Now, based on this engine, we will try to create a full-fledged game. Naturally, we will have to work hard, but I hope that we will succeed.

Donations will help develop the project.

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Updated 8 hours ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags16-bit, Action-Adventure, genesis, Isometric, Mega Drive, Pixel Art, resident-evil, Retro, sega, Zombies


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Fantastic game with a lot of adrenaline, nice. Or downloaded the Demo with a contribution of 10 euros. Congratulations Thanks. I hope the megadrive cartridge will come out.

Hows the dev going? Are you planning a finished product?


would you ever consider actually making a cartridge version when you finally finish, I would love a physical copy to add to my resident evil game collection.

We thought, but ...

I would be more than happy to cover the cost of making it on a cartridge.

*cof cof Capcom cof cof cof*


what they don't know can't hurt them 😉

Deleted 251 days ago

Here, maybe this could be helpful if you want to contact them: https://www.capcom.co.jp/ir/english/inquiry.html


Hope you're able to work something out with them. I'd love to see this demake be offered on Steam as a DLC for Resident Evil Remastered if that's possible.

Baixei a demo e simplesmente so da pra anda com a personagem em um só corredor nao abre as portas.

Mais eu gostei muito é perfeito.

Quando sera o lançamento oficialmente do jogo completo?

This is a very old demo version. The doors open in it, but for this you need to solve a couple of riddles.

Very interesting game. There will be a language option in Portuguese (Brazil)? 


Hope so! 😏👍

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I have become a Patreon and purchased the demo, although it is tiny! So bad that you 'LOST' the previous versions of the game? Haven't been able to find much else about the stealing of your demo?! A real shame. 

I am also surprised, just how few Patreon backers you have.

 Keep going, I'm sure it will be worth it!

Thank you for your support, it is very important to us.

This is absolutely brilliant! Made a quick donation and downloaded the demo which even though it's only a demo is brilliant and feels exactly like you're in the original Mansion 🧟‍♂️🔫😎 Heading to take a look at the Foxy game now.....Please, please, please get Bio Evil finished! It's too good a concept! Good work guys. Oh, and Happy New Year! 

Thank you for such kind words)). You can try to find on the Internet a later demo version that was stolen from us.

I love the sheer amount of animation - how did you cram in those full screen animations? And the exploding smoke effect when the boss comes out of the ground... so many tiny pixels, I doubt it would compress easily...

Sprites generally don't shrink at all.

Even more impressive... totally understand if you don't want to share trade secrets, just genuinely curious!

Hello. How can I acces to the pictures demo same version?

What other pictures?

Greetings. Excuse me, my English is not perfect. On your website I have seen several gameplay of Jill in the helipad, in various rooms of the mansion, etc, and asked if that demo is available.

Thank you very much.

No, these demos are not available.

And due to the fact that one of the early demos leaked to the network. It is unlikely that we will provide anyone with a demo until 100% completion of the game. Maybe only Capcom))


Okay. Can I do something to help you that is in my hand? I have already donated $ 10 to you but I would like to do something else.

Thanks in advance for this project.

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The best help for us will be if you tell your friends about our project. Anyway, wherever possible. We still need massive publicity.

It's great to see this project still going! It's always really cool to see demakes like this being made!

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I forgot to tell you guys, I've seen most of your progress on YouTube videos..  y'all need to adjust the high pitch sounds in the dinning room running and the effects when the zombie bites the head off in the hall way. Same thing when the zombie bites her and she pushes the zombie back. some of the sound effects, the high pitch is to high and I have to turn down my volume because it hurts to hear. You can hear those high pitch in the Video above you have on display.

I hear you guys are looking to get in touch with Capcom.. your best bet is to get in touch with Adam Koralik, he has a YouTube Channel. He has friends that work at Sega and he has been arround the gaming industry, also in Japan. He might be able to help you guys get in touch with Capcom.

Thank you for the information.

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Your welcome, I'm looking forward to be able to play this on my Sega Genesis. Let me know if you guys get to talk to Adam.



Sigan Haciendo Juegos Para Esta Consola, Que Esta muy Bueno lo Que Hacen 😊

Gracias, no planeamos detenernos)))


I would buy a physical release! 

We are not planning a physical medium yet.


how do you get access to the game the videos and images the demo u download isnt what i am playing

We do not publish the latest demos yet. Only the initial demo is available.


how do u get access to them as ive seen videos on line do i need to donate something or be a pateron

These versions were received only by bloggers (reviewers).


Is there a possibility that this could have a physical cartridge at some point in the future? You know, when it's done and all that.

Anything is possible, but in any case, this will require funding, which we do not have.

open a kickstarter you funding very fast. the only and big problem is  capcom

Unfortunately, we cannot open kickstarter fees yet. Maybe sometime in the future we will have such an opportunity.

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This looks like a great idea. Lot's of work to do with the atmosphere and mood though, it's way to bright and cheery. Overall I think it's cool what you're all doing.


Projeto fantástico  poderia colocar demo mais atualizada , porém cobrar por isso.

how can i play the more updated version 


When the game is completed to the end (or close to the end) then the new rom.


What a great project! I already like this version better than the original game on PSX! Absolutely beautiful. Nothing beats a properly made isometric game! :)


It's looking good ;)


This is Resident Evil 1!




nice i play demo finish looks awesome


Looks good :)